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ORIGINS - Quest For Planetary Prince

Directed by Joseph Desrosiers

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A Sci-Fi adventure short film of an archeologist, Rohan, & a nomadic hunter, Arghon, who are on a quest to find a artifact that acts as a time portal called "The Planetary Prince"; the nomad is oblivious to the mission and this causes friction but ends up learning the true meaning behind the artifact and how powerful it is. Argon the nomad ends up being a key part on this journey to finding the first planetary prince.

Directed by Joseph Desrosiers
Starring Brandon Ingram and Maxwell Roda
Written by Joseph Desrosiers
Produced by Golden Apple Studios & Anfernee Aguado
Executive Produced by Desrosiers Ent.
Art Director by Carlos W. Desrosiers
Production Coordinator by Lauren Choi
Casting by Joseph Desrosiers
Cinematography by Lerry Kin
Costume Design by Johanna Desrosiers
Edited by Joseph Desrosiers
Film Composer by Yuri Gause
Sound Editor by Brennan Storm
Voice Narration by Carli Jay
Colored by Sal Madriz

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