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Welcome! This site is intended for our use as a dumping ground and your use as a dumpster diver of code. Here you'll find tutorials, code snippets, and several libraries and software products, some complete and some half-finished and clogged with bugs. Everything here is always in progress and under revision. Unless otherwise noted, all code and products here are our original content and are available for free for educational or personal use.


Coming soon: Math (2015-07-02)
Started work on the Math library.

Up and sort of running! (2015-06-27)
The barebones site is up, and we're working steadily to add content. We've got the first 11 C++ tutorial lessons up, as well as a handful of libraries. As we are able to find, verify, test, and debug them, more libraries and products will make their way to the site in the near future. Tutorials will be made during breaks between working on libraries and other software products. If you have requests to put a higher priority on something, post it! We might ignore it, or it might motivate us to work on it first!


2015-06-27 Added Time library.
2015-06-26 Added Input library.
2015-06-24 Added Viewer library.
2015-06-21 Added C++ Tutorial Lessons 0-10.
2015-06-20 Launched!

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